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Rabb Da Radio 3 2024 Punjabi Movie Download In HD Movierulz

Get ready to be uplifted by the heartwarming tunes of “Rabb Da Radio 3” (God’s Radio 3), hitting the big screen on December 13th, 2024. Directed by Gurmeet Singh, this third installment in the beloved series returns with its winning formula of faith, family, and the transformative power of music. So, prepare your tissues and tune your hearts, as we embark on a journey of second chances, forgiveness, and rediscovering the melody of life amidst life’s challenges.

Rabb Da Radio 3 | Tarsem Jassar, Simi Chahal & Mandy | Official Trailer Soon

The official trailer is a poignant montage of emotional moments, laughter, and the transformative power of music. Nanak Singh exudes warmth and depth as Harjit, while Kavita Kaushik portrays Simran’s silent strength with remarkable sensitivity. Tania’s portrayal of Preeti’s vulnerability and Kulwinder Billa’s comedic timing add another layer to the narrative. The trailer leaves audiences both moved and hopeful, eager to witness the emotional journey and the music that heals in Rabb Da Radio 3.

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Cast of Characters:

  • Nanak Singh as Harjit Singh, the radio host whose soulful voice and insightful guidance touch countless lives.
  • Kavita Kaushik as Simran, Harjit’s supportive wife, navigating her own internal struggles while standing by her husband.
  • Tania as Preeti, a young woman seeking solace and guidance in Harjit’s words, harboring a painful past.
  • Kulwinder Billa as Jasbir, Harjit’s childhood friend and confidante, adding a touch of humor and lightheartedness to the narrative.
  • Gurjot Kaur as Babli, Harjit and Simran’s daughter, facing her own teenage dilemmas and seeking her father’s wisdom.
  • Veteran actors: Rounding out the cast with seasoned performances that lend depth and authenticity to the story.


Rabb Da Radio 3 picks up after the emotional events of the previous films. Harjit Singh, the charismatic radio host known for his words of faith and encouragement, continues to touch lives through his airwaves. However, he grapples with his own struggles, the lingering pain of past mistakes threatening to mute his once-vibrant spirit. Simran, his loving wife, stands by him, offering unwavering support while battling her own internal demons.

Enter Preeti, a young woman burdened by a tragic past, seeking solace and guidance in Harjit’s gentle wisdom. Her story becomes intertwined with Harjit’s, as he confronts his own regrets and finds a renewed sense of purpose in helping her heal. Through their shared journey, the film explores themes of forgiveness, resilience, and the power of faith to overcome life’s hardships.

Meanwhile, Babli, Harjit and Simran’s daughter, navigates the complexities of teenage life, seeking her father’s guidance and facing challenges of her own. The film beautifully portrays the dynamics of family, showcasing the unwavering love and support that binds them through thick and thin.

Box Office Expectations:

The Rabb Da Radio series has garnered a loyal following, earning both critical acclaim and commercial success. The third installment, promising an even deeper emotional journey and the return of beloved characters, has the potential to surpass its predecessors. The December 13th release, strategically positioned during the festive season, further bolsters the film’s prospects, aiming to resonate with audiences seeking inspiration and heartwarming entertainment during the holiday season.

Budget and Release:

While the official budget remains undisclosed, the production value appears higher than the previous films, with picturesque locations, intricate sets, and a larger cast. Rabb Da Radio 3 is slated for a worldwide release on December 13th, 2024, aiming to touch hearts across borders and languages.



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