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Sarh Na Rees Kar 2024 Punjabi Movie Download In HD Movierulz

Released on February 2nd, 2024, “Sarh Na Rees Kar” isn’t your typical Punjabi rom-com. Sure, it has the vibrant dance sequences, witty dialogues, and heartwarming family moments. But beneath the surface lies a nuanced exploration of conflicting ambitions, cultural expectations, and the courage to chase your dreams against all odds. Director Mandeep Chaahal deftly navigates this duality, creating a film that’s both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Sarh Na Rees Kar

The trailer is a vibrant montage of musical sequences, emotional confrontations, and glimpses of the sisters’ unwavering pursuit of their dreams. It effectively captures the film’s essence, leaving viewers curious to witness their journey through societal pressures and personal triumphs.

“Sarh Na Rees Kar” is more than just a Punjabi rom-com; it’s a heartfelt story about family, aspirations, and the courage to break free from societal constraints. With nuanced performances, a relatable story, and a touch of humor, the film offers a refreshing perspective on modern-day Punjab and the aspirations of its young generation. Whether you’re a fan of Punjabi cinema or simply looking for a feel-good movie with a thoughtful message, “Sarh Na Rees Kar” is definitely worth a watch.

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Cast and Crew:

  • Nirmal Rishi delivers a nuanced performance as Jhujhar Singh, a traditional patriarch grappling with his daughters’ aspirations.
  • Malkeet Rauni captivates as Rohi, the eldest daughter, whose dreams to study abroad clash with her family’s expectations.
  • Shivjot shines as Shivjot Kaur, the younger daughter, determined to carve her own path as a fashion designer.
  • Zubab Rana and Wali Hamid Ali Khan add depth as supporting characters, offering different perspectives on love, success, and family responsibilities.

Mandeep Chaahal keeps the narrative engaging, balancing emotional turmoil with humorous situations. Chander Kamboj’s script delves into complex themes without sacrificing entertainment value. Gurpreet BMP’s music provides the perfect soundtrack, blending traditional Punjabi beats with contemporary melodies that reflect the film’s modern setting.


Rohi and Shivjot Kaur live in a world where societal expectations clash with their personal ambitions. Rohi, a brilliant student, yearns to pursue higher education abroad. However, her traditional family values daughters marrying within the community and fulfilling their domestic duties. Torn between filial responsibility and her own dreams, Rohi finds herself in an emotional quagmire.

Younger sister Shivjot, aspiring to become a fashion designer, faces similar challenges. Her artistic pursuits are viewed with skepticism by her family, who consider them frivolous compared to “practical” choices. Despite the disapproval, Shivjot remains resilient, driven by her passion and unwavering determination.

The film unfolds through their struggles, showcasing the internal conflicts and external pressures they face. Jhujhar Singh, their father, embodies the traditional mindset, struggling to comprehend his daughters’ desires. Yet, even amidst his conservative beliefs, a flicker of understanding begins to emerge as he witnesses their unwavering ambition and talent.

“Sarh Na Rees Kar” celebrates the courage to challenge the status quo and chase your dreams, regardless of societal expectations. It doesn’t shy away from highlighting the difficulties faced by young women in a patriarchal society, but it also showcases their resilience and unwavering determination. Ultimately, it’s a story about hope, about breaking free from societal shackles, and finding the strength to define your own path to success and happiness.

Box Office and Budget:

Despite strong competition from established Bollywood releases, “Sarh Na Rees Kar” has garnered positive word-of-mouth and critical acclaim for its relatable characters and insightful social commentary. It crossed the INR 4 crore mark in its opening week, and its performance in the coming weeks depends on sustained audience interest and appreciation for its nuanced narrative. The film’s budget is estimated to be around INR 10-12 crore.



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