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Booo Main Dargi 2024 Punjabi Movie Download In HD Movierulz

Get ready for a hair-raising, side-splitting adventure as Punjabi cinema gears up for the release of “Booo Main Dargi” (Don’t Scare Me, Ghost) in April 2024. Directed by the renowned duo of Amarjit Singh and Pammi Sandhu, the film promises a chilling yet hilarious blend of horror and comedy, sure to tickle your funny bone and send shivers down your spine. So, grab your popcorn and a brave heart, as we delve into the spooky shenanigans of Booo Main Dargi.

Boo Main Dargi | (Teaser)

The official trailer for Booo Main Dargi is a laugh-a-minute rollercoaster ride. Gippy’s exaggerated fear juxtaposed with Veer’s playful antics creates a delightful contrast, instantly hooking the audience. The trailer offers glimpses of hilarious ghost encounters, interspersed with moments of genuine warmth and vulnerability, hinting at the film’s deeper emotional core.

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Cast of Characters:

  • Gippy Grewal as Gippy, a timid soul grappling with an unwelcome ghostly roommate.
  • Sargun Mehta as Mahi, Gippy’s practical and level-headed best friend.
  • Jassie Gill as Veer, a charming ghost with a playful personality.
  • Binnu Dhillon as Gippy’s overbearing mother, adding a dash of comic relief.
  • Gurpreet Ghura as Bhootnath, a seasoned exorcist with questionable methods.


Booo Main Dargi revolves around Gippy, a man whose fear of ghosts surpasses all rational explanation. His life takes a hilarious turn when his ancestral home becomes occupied by Veer, a friendly yet mischievous ghost. This unlikely duo embarks on a series of comical misadventures as Gippy tries to co-exist with his spectral roommate while desperately seeking ways to exorcise him.

Adding to the chaos is Mahi, Gippy’s pragmatic best friend, who serves as the voice of reason amidst the paranormal pandemonium. Together, they navigate a world of spooky occurrences, encountering everything from poltergeists to ghouls, all while keeping the laughter quotient high. However, beneath the surface of slapstick humor lies a heartwarming tale of friendship, acceptance, and facing your fears.

Box Office Expectations:

With its star-studded cast, renowned directorial duo, and unique blend of horror and comedy, Booo Main Dargi is poised to become a box office success. Gippy Grewal and Sargun Mehta’s on-screen chemistry has proven popular in the past, and Jassie Gill’s foray into the comedy genre adds a fresh spark to the narrative. The film’s release coincides with the summer season, traditionally a lucrative time for Punjabi cinema, further bolstering its box office prospects.

Budget and Release:

While the official budget remains under wraps, the lavish sets, special effects, and A-list cast suggest a significant investment. Booo Main Dargi is scheduled for release on April 12th, 2024, promising a spooky yet delightful cinematic experience for the upcoming summer season.



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