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Munda Rockstar 2024 Punjabi Movie Download In HD Movierulz

“Munda Rockstar,” released on January 12th, 2024, isn’t your typical Punjabi movie. Yes, it’s vibrant, musical, and brimming with bhangra beats. But beneath the glittery surface lies a gritty tale of struggle, ambition, and the fight for artistic integrity in a cutthroat music industry.

Munda Rockstar Offical Trailer

The trailer is a powerful montage of electrifying live performances, emotional breakdowns, and Rocky’s relentless pursuit of his dreams. It leaves you wanting more, eager to witness his journey from small-town boy to rockstar, with all the bumps and bruises in between.

“Munda Rockstar” is more than just a Punjabi musical; it’s a raw and relevant story about chasing dreams, fighting for artistic integrity, and facing the demons that hold us back. Yuvraaj Hans’s gritty portrayal of Rocky, coupled with the film’s honest portrayal of the music industry, makes for a compelling and impactful watch. Whether you’re a fan of Punjabi cinema, rock music, or simply good storytelling, “Munda Rockstar” is a must-see.

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Cast and Crew:

  • Yuvraaj Hans delivers a powerful performance as Sikander ‘Rocky’ Singh, a raw talent from a small village with big dreams of rockstardom.
  • Aditi Aarya is captivating as Siya, a strong-willed music producer caught between loyalty and ambition.
  • Mohammad Nazim embodies the cunning music mogul, Vikram Dhawan, who will stop at nothing to exploit talent for his own gain.
  • Gama Sidhu adds depth as Rocky’s father, a supportive figure navigating the complexities of his son’s journey.

Director Satyajeet Puri keeps the narrative taut, balancing emotional highs with raw confrontations. Jaidev Kumar’s music is a character in itself, seamlessly blending soulful ballads with high-octane rock anthems, reflecting the film’s emotional core.


Rocky isn’t your typical Punjabi singer. He doesn’t croon romantic ballads; his voice explodes with rock ‘n’ roll angst, echoing the frustrations of a generation yearning for more. Spotted by Siya, he’s whisked away to the city, promised stardom and fortune. But Vikram Dhawan, the kingmaker of the industry, casts a long shadow. He molds Rocky into a pop puppet, suppressing his raw talent and churning out commercially safe tracks. Rocky, torn between dreams and reality, struggles to stay true to his music while battling Vikram’s manipulative grip.

The film delves into the dark underbelly of the music industry, exposing the exploitation of young talent and the pressure to conform to commercial demands. Siya, caught in the web of ambition, grapples with her conscience, torn between personal success and protecting Rocky’s artistic integrity. The story pulsates with the passion of youth, the yearning for self-expression, and the constant battle against personal demons.

Box Office and Budget:

“Munda Rockstar” opened to strong reviews, praised for its powerful performances, raw music, and unflinching portrayal of the music industry. Despite facing competition from established Bollywood releases, the film has crossed the INR 8 crore mark in its first week. With word-of-mouth praise and the upcoming Lohri festive period, “Munda Rockstar” is predicted to perform well in the coming weeks. The film’s budget is estimated to be around INR 15-20 crore.



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