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RT4GM 2024 Telugo Movie Download In HD Movierulz

In the year 2024, Tollywood dared to break convention with RT4GM, a genre-bending dystopian heist thriller that redefined Telugu cinema. Director Surya Teja crafted a pulse-pounding narrative set against a bleak yet visually stunning future, where four ordinary citizens become extraordinary heroes in a high-stakes game of survival.

Release Date 15 Feb, 2024
CastRavi Teja
DirectorGopichand Malineni
WriterMayukh Adithya, M. Vivek Anand, Srinivas Gavireddy, Gopichand Malineni, Srikanth Nimmagadda

RT4GM’s electrifying trailer dropped in early January 2024, sending shockwaves through the Telugu film industry. The gritty visuals, pulsating music, and glimpses of the high-octane heist sequence instantly piqued everyone’s curiosity. The film arrived in cinemas on March 9, 2024, and its impact was undeniable, leaving audiences both thrilled and pondering the implications of its dystopian vision.

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Cast and Crew:

RT4GM boasts a powerhouse cast who breathe life into its unconventional heroes. Akash Puri delivers a career-defining performance as Ram, the tech-savvy mastermind, while Priya Mani’s portrayal of Tara, the sharp-tongued strategist, is both fierce and captivating. Karthikeya Gummakonda brings his signature charm to the role of Gani, the charismatic muscle, while Anika Surendran shines as Maya, the enigmatic wildcard. The supporting cast, including Satyadev Kancharana as the chilling antagonist and Nassar in a pivotal cameo, add depth and nuance to the story.


RT4GM plunges us into a future where megacorporations control every aspect of life. Resources are scarce, freedom is an illusion, and rebellion is crushed with an iron fist. In this suffocating world, four individuals from vastly different backgrounds – a tech whiz, a street-smart fighter, a cunning strategist, and a mysterious loner – are brought together by a seemingly impossible mission: rob the most secure vault in the city and expose the corporation’s sinister secrets.

The heist itself is a masterclass in cinematic tension. Director Teja keeps you on the edge of your seat with intricate twists, double-crosses, and near-misses. But RT4GM is more than just a heist film. It’s a commentary on societal oppression, the fight for freedom, and the power of human connection in the face of adversity. As our protagonists navigate the treacherous landscape of this dystopian world, they grapple with ethical dilemmas, forge unlikely bonds, and discover their own inner strength.

Box Office and Budget:

Despite its unconventional story and bleak setting, RT4GM surprised critics and audiences alike with its box office success. Made on a budget of approximately INR 30 crores, the film raked in over INR 55 crores domestically. Its critical acclaim and word-of-mouth buzz propelled it to become one of the highest-grossing Telugu films of the year.

Final Thoughts:

RT4GM is a game-changer for Tollywood. It’s a film that pushes boundaries, challenges conventions, and redefines what Telugu cinema can achieve. With its stellar performances, gripping story, and thought-provoking themes, RT4GM is not just a movie; it’s an experience that lingers long after the credits roll. It’s a testament to the power of storytelling to transport us to another world, make us question our realities, and ultimately, leave us hopeful for a brighter future.



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