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Panchak 2024 Marathi Movie Download In HD Movierulz

Premiering on January 5th, 2024, Panchak, directed by the dynamic duo of Jayant Jathar and Rahul Awate, promises a delightful ride through the murky waters of superstition and dark humor. Buckle up for a Marathi film that tickles your funny bone while prompting introspection about the hold fear can have on our lives.

Duration:2h 10min
Release Date: 05 Jan, 2024
Genre(s):Comedy, Drama, Family, Mystery, Thriller
Language(s):मराठी (Marathi)
Jayant Jathar, Rahul Awate, Riddhi Mahesh Shabde
Cast(s):Adinath Kothare, Dilip Prabhavalkar, Bharati Achrekar, Tejashree Pradhan, Sagar Talashikar

Catch Panchak in theaters across India on January 5th, 2024. The official trailer, already garnering praise for its witty dialogue and quirky situations, offers a glimpse into the film’s zany world, leaving audiences eager for more.

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  • Madhuri Dixit Nene: Making her Marathi film debut as a producer, Dixit also takes on a pivotal role in the film. Her enigmatic presence adds layers to the narrative, keeping the audience guessing and intrigued.
  • Adinath Kothare: Playing the son caught in the web of family superstitions, Kothare brings his comedic timing and relatable persona to the screen, creating a character both frustrating and lovable.
  • Tejashree Pradhan: As the voice of reason amidst the swirling vortex of superstitious rituals, Pradhan offers a grounded perspective to the narrative, adding much-needed balance to the chaos.
  • Dilip Prabhavalkar: A veteran of Marathi cinema, Prabhavalkar portrays the superstitious patriarch with both humor and pathos, showcasing the human side of fear and belief.
  • An ensemble cast: With a talented supporting cast including Bharti Achrekar, Anand Ingale, Satish Alekar, and Nandita Dhuri, Panchak promises a vibrant tapestry of characters, each adding their own unique flavor to the story.


Panchak, meaning “five,” delves into the lives of a dysfunctional family grappling with an unusual predicament. Nana, the head of the household, is consumed by superstitions, convinced that a series of misfortunes plaguing their family are due to an impending “Panchak,” a five-day period considered inauspicious by some. As his fear spirals, Nana dictates an array of absurd rituals, throwing the family into disarray.

Amidst the chaos, son Abhijit emerges as the reluctant voice of reason. He tries to explain the absurdity of their situation and convince his family to embrace logic over superstition. However, his efforts are met with resistance, forcing him to navigate a hilarious yet complex battle of wits and traditions.

Panchak is not just a laugh-out-loud comedy; it is a subtle exploration of the human tendency to seek solace in irrational beliefs when faced with uncertainty. The film cleverly satirizes superstitious practices while offering a poignant commentary on the fear of the unknown and the power of family dynamics.

Box Office Collection and Budget:

Backed by renowned producer Madhuri Dixit Nene and boasting a seasoned cast and talented directorial duo, Panchak has generated significant pre-release hype. Its unique blend of dark humor and social commentary has the potential to draw both comedy enthusiasts and those seeking a deeper message. While predicting box office performance is always unpredictable, Panchak’s appeal as a family entertainer with thought-provoking themes could lead to significant commercial success.



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