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Medium Spicy 2024 Marathi Movie Download In HD Movierulz

“Medium Spicy,” slated for release in 2024, isn’t your typical Marathi rom-com. It dares to delve deeper than sweet nothings and grand gestures, exploring the messy realities of modern relationships with wit, charm, and a touch of spice. Directed by Mohit Takalkar, “Medium Spicy” promises a cinematic treat that will tickle your funny bone, warm your heart, and leave you pondering the true flavors of love in a complex world.

Release Date: 24 Feb, 2024
Genre(s):Drama, Romance
Language(s):मराठी (Marathi)
Director(s):Mohit Takalkar
Cast(s):Sai Tamhankar, Parna Pethe, Neha Joshi, Nina Kulkarni, Ravindra Mankani 
Duration:2h 20min
Medium Spicy OfficialTrailer

“Medium Spicy” premiered in June 2022 and received positive reviews for its heartwarming story, witty dialogues, and strong performances. The trailer, released before the premiere, captured audiences with its relatable characters, playful interactions, and a hint of emotional depth. It promised a film that would be both funny and thought-provoking, leaving viewers with a lingering sweet-and-spicy aftertaste.

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Lalit Prabhakar, known for his versatility and boy-next-door charm, brings endearing awkwardness to Nissim Tipnis, a man perpetually teetering on the edge of commitment. Parna Pethe imbues Prajakta Abhyankar, Nissim’s colleague and secret crush, with a mix of warmth and quiet resolve. Sai Tamhankar adds a dash of sophistication and intrigue as Gowri, Nissim’s boss and another potential romantic entanglement.

The supporting cast features stalwarts like Neha Joshi, Pushkaraj Chirputkar, and veteran actors Neena Kulkarni and Ravindra Mankani, adding layers of humor and wisdom to the narrative.


“Medium Spicy” unfolds in the bustling heart of Mumbai, where career ambitions swirl with romantic aspirations. Nissim, a talented writer working in an advertising agency, finds himself inexplicably drawn to his charming colleague, Prajakta. However, his fear of commitment and past relationship scars keep him from confessing his feelings. Meanwhile, Prajakta navigates her own romantic dilemma, caught between Nissim’s unspoken affection and the expectations of an arranged marriage.

The arrival of Gowri, a successful and seemingly confident woman, throws Nissim’s already confusing world into further disarray. He finds himself falling for her wit and strength, even as his heart aches for Prajakta. The film delicately explores the nuances of this love triangle, where insecurities, miscommunication, and unspoken dreams create a delicious yet confusing mix of emotions.

“Medium Spicy” doesn’t shy away from the realities of modern life. It portrays career challenges, societal pressures, and the ever-present fear of vulnerability with honesty and humor. Nissim’s struggles resonate with anyone who has ever questioned their love choices or fumbled through expressing their feelings.

However, the film isn’t simply a melancholic reflection on missed opportunities. It celebrates the joy of friendship, the unexpected twists of fate, and the importance of self-discovery. As Nissim grapples with his internal conflicts, he embarks on a journey of growth, learning to face his fears and embrace the “medium spicy” flavors of love in all its complexity.

Box Office and Budget:

“Medium Spicy” is a mid-budget film, relying on its relatable story, talented cast, and unique take on love to charm audiences. The exact budget hasn’t been officially disclosed, but it’s estimated to be within the range of Rs. 15-20 crores. Its box office performance will depend on its appeal to young Marathi audiences and its ability to resonate with universal themes of love and self-discovery.



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