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Eagle 2024 Telugo Movie Download In HD Movierulz

Soaring onto the silver screens soon is “Eagle,” a Tollywood action thriller promising to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Starring the electrifying Ravi Teja and helmed by debutant director Karthik Gattamneni, the film takes flight on January 13th, 2024, aiming to be the perfect action-packed Sankranthi treat.

Release Date 13 January 2024
GenreAction, Thriller
CastRavi Teja, Anupama Parameswaran, Madhoo, Kavya Thapar, David L. Price, Shriram Reddy Polasane, Navedeep, Srinivas Avasarala
DirectorKarthik Gattamneni
WriterKarthik Gattamneni, Manibabu Karanam
EAGLE Trailer 

Mark your calendars – January 13th, 2024, is the day “Eagle” takes flight in theaters. The recently released trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse into the film’s world. High-octane action sequences blend with brooding dialogues, showcasing Teja’s intensity and the film’s gritty atmosphere. The music by Davzand adds a layer of pulsating energy, leaving audiences yearning for more.

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Cast Your Eyes on the Sky:

Teja, known for his high-octane performances, embodies the titular “Eagle,” a skilled sniper whose precision is matched only by his enigmatic past. Anupama Parameshwaran and Kavya Thapar add a compelling female presence, navigating a complex game of cat and mouse alongside Teja’s character. Rounding out the cast are veteran actors like Navdeep, Madhoo, and Srinivas Avasarala, injecting depth and experience into the narrative.

A Story Wrapped in Secrecy:

The plot remains shrouded in mystery, but glimpses from the trailer hint at a high-stakes mission gone awry. Eagle’s sharp focus is tested against formidable adversaries, raising questions about his loyalties and motivations. Is he a soldier defending the innocent, or a shadow playing his own endgame? The veil of secrecy only makes the anticipation soar higher.

Budget & Box Office Expectations:

Backed by People Media Factory, known for delivering hits like “Dhamaka,” “Eagle” boasts a sizeable budget, promising production values to match its ambitious story. Early buzz suggests a box office clash with other Sankranthi releases, but Teja’s undeniable stardom and the film’s intriguing premise fuel hope for a triumphant flight.



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