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Chal Jindiye 2 2024 Punjabi Movie Download In HD Movierulz

Get ready for a heartwarming reunion as “Chal Jindiye 2” (Let’s Go, Sweetheart) gears up for release on June 7th, 2024. This charming sequel to the 2023 hit brings back the beloved cast and director Gurpreet Ghuggi, promising another round of laughter, tears, and the unwavering spirit of family. So, pack your bags of emotions and join us as we embark on a second chapter of the Singh family’s journey, brimming with love, life lessons, and a dash of the unexpected.

Chal Jindiye 2 | Neeru Bajwa | Kulwinder Billa | Ghuggi | Jass Bajwa | Aditi | Official Trailer

The official trailer is a heartwarming montage of laughter, tears, and family moments. Neeru Bajwa and Kulwinder Billa reprise their roles with ease, their on-screen chemistry as endearing as ever. The trailer offers glimpses of the children’s evolving personalities, Chacha Ji’s continued wit, and Sifat’s unexpected return, hinting at an intriguing new element in the narrative. Overall, the trailer leaves audiences eager to witness the next chapter of the Singh family’s journey.

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Cast of Characters:

  • Neeru Bajwa as Babli, the strong-willed wife and mother, facing new challenges with unwavering optimism.
  • Kulwinder Billa as Jaggi, the lovable yet clumsy husband, navigating fatherhood and personal growth with humor and heart.
  • Gurpreet Ghuggi as Chacha (uncle) Ji, the wise-cracking family patriarch, adding a touch of comic relief and homespun wisdom.
  • Jass Bajwa as Simran, Babli’s sharp-tongued sister, offering a relatable voice of reason and occasional sass.
  • Aditi Sharma as Sifat, Jaggi’s friend, returning with her own aspirations and unexpected twists to the storyline.
  • New additions: Child actors to portray the Singh children, grown and facing their own teenage complexities.


Chal Jindiye 2 picks up a few years after the first film. The Singh family has settled into a comfortable routine, with their children growing up and facing new challenges of their own. Babli, ever the pillar of strength, grapples with a career opportunity that throws their household dynamics into flux. Jaggi, embracing his role as a father, navigates the joys and pitfalls of raising teenagers. Meanwhile, Chacha Ji continues to dispense wisdom and laughter, while Simran’s outspoken nature keeps the family grounded in reality.

The film delves deeper into themes of family dynamics, personal growth, and facing life’s unexpected turns. As the children navigate teenage friendships, academic pressures, and first crushes, Babli and Jaggi rediscover the joys and challenges of raising teenagers. Through laughter and tears, the film celebrates the enduring bonds of family, showcasing how they grow and adapt together through life’s journey.

Box Office Expectations:

The original Chal Jindiye resonated with audiences for its relatable portrayal of everyday family life, its heartwarming storyline, and its stellar performances. The sequel, building on the established foundation, promises an even deeper emotional connection with the characters and their evolving lives. The presence of the original cast and director, coupled with the film’s timely themes, suggests strong box office potential.

Budget and Release:

While the official budget remains undisclosed, the production value appears higher than the original, with picturesque locations, elaborate sets, and a larger cast. Chal Jindiye 2 is scheduled for a worldwide release on June 7th, 2024, strategically positioned to capture the attention of families during the summer vacation season.



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