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Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana 2024 Telugo Movie Download In HD Movierulz

Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana (2024) isn’t your typical Telugu horror film. It transcends the jump-scare formula by weaving a chilling mystery into a tapestry of rural life, witty humor, and unexpected twists. Director Purushotham Raaj crafts a captivating narrative that keeps you guessing until the very end, while Shiva Kandukuri and Rashi Singh breathe life into a charming duo that tackles the paranormal with a healthy dose of skepticism and local wit.

Release Date March 31, 2024
Dubbed InHindi, Kannada
GenreCrime, Mystery, Thriller
CastShiva Kandukuri, Rashi Singh, Arun Kumar, Devi Prasad, Varshini Soundararajan, Siva Kumar, Shafi, Sivannarayana, Kalpalatha, Roopalakshmi, Ambati Sreenu, Chaitanya Sagiraju, Satya Srinivas, Prabhakar, Venkatesh Kakumanu, Divija, Pranavi, Kamal, Gururaj, Surabhi Santosh, Jabardasth Rajamouli, Paul Ramumore…
DirectorPurushotham Raaj
Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana Teaser

The film’s trailer, released in early March 2024, offered a glimpse into the film’s charming duo, the unsettling village secrets, and a hint of the dark forces at play. It piqued audiences’ curiosity with its offbeat humor and promised a horror film that was more than just scares, but a well-crafted mystery with layers of intrigue. Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana hit theaters on March 31, 2024, quickly gaining a loyal following and leaving both critics and audiences wanting more.

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Cast and Crew:

Shiva Kandukuri sheds his action hero persona and shines as Bhaskar Narayana, a village detective with a penchant for quirky observations and a sharp tongue. His portrayal is both engaging and relatable, making Bhaskar a character you root for even as he stumbles through the supernatural elements. Rashi Singh brings a welcome dose of sass and intelligence as Priya, Bhaskar’s childhood friend and partner in solving the village’s 18-year-old unsolved serial killings. The supporting cast, including Devi Prasad, Venkatesh Kakumanu, and Surabhi Santhosh, adds layers of humor and intrigue to the story, enriching the film’s rural landscape and local folklore.


Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana isn’t afraid to take its time. The film meticulously establishes the idyllic yet unsettling atmosphere of the village, where whispers of the unsolved murders hang heavy in the air. Bhaskar, despite his skepticism, is drawn into the investigation when a series of strange occurrences begin to plague the villagers. He teams up with Priya, whose scientific mind seeks logical explanations, and together they embark on a quest to uncover the truth behind the killings.

The film’s strength lies in its ability to blend genres seamlessly. The mystery unfolds with genuine intrigue, throwing red herrings and unexpected twists that keep you invested. The elements of horror are carefully woven into the narrative, relying more on unsettling imagery and suspenseful atmosphere than cheap jump scares. But what truly sets Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana apart is its witty humor. Bhaskar’s sharp observations and playful banter with Priya provide welcome moments of laughter, even amidst the chilling revelations.

The film delves into local folklore and rural superstitions, adding a layer of authenticity and cultural interest to the story. We see glimpses of village rituals, beliefs in spirits and vengeful ghosts, and the tight-knit community dynamics that both fuel the mystery and offer potential suspects. Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana celebrates the resilience and camaraderie of rural life, even as it explores the shadows lurking beneath its surface.

Box Office and Budget:

Despite its unconventional blend of genres and lack of typical Bollywood masala elements, Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana proved a sleeper hit. Made on a modest budget of approximately INR 15 crores, the film garnered an impressive INR 25 crores at the box office. Its critical acclaim for its clever storyline, charming performances, and unique blend of humor and horror resonated with audiences, securing its position as a refreshing and unexpected entry in the Tollywood horror landscape.



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